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DF 58: 58th LCA Discussion Forum

Company LCA: How to measure the corporate environmental footprint along the full value chain?

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Tuesday, March 31, 2015, ETH Zurich

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We cordially invite you to the 58th Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment
The official language of this event is English

With the advance of LCA, the life cycle approach is increasingly applied on company level. However, the efficient assessment of life cycle impacts on a company level remains a real challenge, be it a retailer with a broad product portfolio or a manufacturing company with hundreds of suppliers. Nevertheless, more and more companies start analysing so-called scope 3 life cycle impacts, and include this in their environmental reports. This trend is pushed by new approaches and tools for efficient scope 3 reporting but also by governmental initiatives like the EU's Organization Environmental Footprint (OEF). How do companies perform their scope 3 assessments? What are the key differences, strengths and weaknesses among approaches and standards? How to deal with avoided emissions (sometimes referred to as “scope 4”), i.e. emission reductions that occur outside of a product’s life cycle or value chain, but as a result of the use of that product? The forum will give the floor to representatives from industry, administration and LCA consultants to present the state-of-the-art of company LCA. Participants can exchange experiences and discuss pros and cons of the different approaches.

We look forward to meeting you in Zürich

Rainer Zah, Quantis International AG
Rolf Frischknecht, treeze Ltd.

Organizing Committee

Final Programme

Download:    DF58-Programme Company LCA_v2.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee and croissants    
9:10  Welcome and introduction
DF58-01 Introduction DF58 - Zah.pdf
Rainer Zah  Quantis International  
  Why and how to measure the corporate footprint? Rainer Zah [Chair]   
9:15  Corporate Environmental Footprint – Overview, opportunities and challenges
DF58-02 Spielmann.pdf
Michael Spielmann  Quantis Germany 
9:35  The value of corporate footprinting – why should a company doing it?
sorry, presentation not free for publication
Miriam Sommerfeld & Chris Wickenden  Imperial Tobacco 
9:55  Corporate LCA data or corporate environmental information for sustainability benchmarking of quoted companies?
DF58-04 Fawer.pdf
Matthias Fawer   Notenstein Private Bank Ltd. (Switzerland) 
10:15  Discussion    
10:35  Coffee break    
  Case studies of corporate LCAs Rainer Zah [Chair]   
11:05  Feasibility of assessing the full company LCA of a large multi-national
DF58-05 Schenker.pdf
Urs Schenker   Nestlé  
11:25  Environmental performance of a transport service provider
DF58-06 Boesch.pdf
Michael Bösch   SBB AG (Switzerland) 
11:45  Active in four different markets – Organizational LCA of Swiss Post Group
DF58-07 Saner_v2.pdf
Dominik Saner  Post CH AG (Switzerland) 
12:05  Assessing the company LCA based on a product LCA tool
DF58-08 Zeller.pdf
Heinz Zeller  Hugo Boss 
12:25  Discussion    
12:45  Lunch break    
  Short presentations and plenary discussion Rolf Frischknecht [Chair]   
13:45  Guidance on Organizational LCA
DF58-09 Valdivia.pdf
Sonia Valdivia  UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative 
14:00  Scope 3 Evaluator
DF58-10 Humbert - Scope 3 Evaluator.pdf
Sébastien Humbert   Quantis International 
  How to manage scope 3 complexities Rolf Frischknecht [Chair]   
14:15  EU OEF: How to calculate the LCA of a retailer
DF58-11 Humbert - OEF Retailers pilot testing.pdf
Carole Dubois & Sébastien Humbert   Quantis International  
14:35  How to identify hotspots and quantify scope 3 emissions of a telecom provider
DF58-12 Salina.pdf
Pascal Salina   Swisscom (Switzerland) 
14:55  Discussion    
15:15  Coffee break    
  Dealing with scope 4 Rolf Frischknecht [Chair]   
15:45  Scope 4: how to quantify and communicate potential effects beyond the company’s sphere of influence
sorry, presentation not free for publication
Elizabeth Stokes   Akzo Nobel  
16:05  Opportunities and challenges in measuring and reporting scope 3 and 4 emissions of a global manufacturing company
sorry, presentation not free for publication
Laura Passerini  Sealed Air 
16:25  Discussion    
16:40  Wrap-up and announcements
DF58-15 Announcement DF59 - Frischknecht.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht  treeze Ltd. (Switzerland) 
16:45  Farewell    
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