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DF 68: 68th LCA Discussion Forum

DF 68 — LCA of key technologies for future electricity supply

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Monday, 16 April 2018, ETH Zürich, Alumni Pavillon

In the recent past, many countries increased the share of renewable energy sources in the electricity mix substantially and will continue to do so in the future. Intermittingly producing technologies such as photovoltaic or wind power plants are a challenge for electric utilities and ask for new concepts regarding grid operation, dispatching and storage. This forum will cover the full range from life cycle assessments of specific components namely photovoltaic panels, geothermal power stations and battery storage facilities to promising concepts of system integration in electricity networks such as smart grids.

Main focus will be on the future environmental performance of these key technologies, on the main environmental challenges faced and on the way how electric utilities will facilitate the energy turnaround to comply with the ambitious target of the Paris Agreement and the due phase out of nuclear power. This forum aims at facilitating discussions among different domain experts in view of creating new ideas.

This forum is targeted to technical experts in the electricity sector and LCA practitioners.


Final Programme

Download:    DF68-Programme_LCA_of_key_technologies_for_future_electricity_supply.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:45  Registration, coffee & croissants    
9:15  Welcome and introduction
Rolf Frischknecht  treeze Ltd. 
  Challenges and solutions in greening the grid [Rolf Frischknecht]   
09:20  The Swiss Energy Strategy and Climate Policy in a global Context
Lukas Gutzwiller  BFE 
09:40  PV (and batteries?) integration into electricity grids
Peter Toggweiler  Basler & Hofmann AG 
10:00  New challenges for electric utilities with special focus on power management
Britta Heimbach  ewz 
10:20  Integration of stochastic renewables in the Swiss electricity supply system
Evangelos Panos  PSI 
10:40  Discussion    
11:00  Coffee break    
  LCA of key technologies, battery storage [Christian Bauer]  PSI 
11:30  Future battery storage technologies – performance prospects and LCAs of batteries suited for stationary applications
Marcel Weil  ITAS/KIT Karlsruhe 
11:50  LiIon battery LCA
Linda Ager-Wick Ellingsen  NTNU 
12:10  Economic and environmental assessment of different battery technologies for different grid network applications
Tobias Schmidt  ETH Zürich 
12:30  Discussion    
12:45  Lunch    
  Short presentations [Rolf Frischknecht]   
13:45  SURFER – Assessing the impacts of the French energetic transition
– Key challenges

Jacques Villeneuve  BRGM 
13:55  LCA of Power to Gas
Xun Liao  EPFL 
14:05  Environmental impacts of the integration of phovoltaics into the Swiss electricity grid
Valentin Stahel  ZHAW 
  LCA of PV electricity [Rolf Frischknecht]   
14:15  PV electricity LCA
Andreas Wade  Solar Power Europe 
14:35  Highly efficient multi-junction solar cells using silicon heterojunction and perovskite tandem: prospective life cycle environmental impacts
René Itten  ZHAW 
14:55  LCA of PV plus battery storage
Philippe Stolz  treeze Ltd. 
15:15  Discussion    
15:25  Coffee break    
  LCA of geothermal electricity [Christian Bauer]   
15:50  Geothermal power LCA
Karin Treyer  PSI 
16:10  Environmental risk assessment of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) incl. seismic risks
Stephan Pfister  ETHZ 
16:30  Discussion    
  Wrap-up, announcements and farewell    
16:40  Wrap up and announcements
Rolf Frischknecht   
16:45  Farewell    
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