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DF 69: 69th LCA Discussion Forum

DF 69 — Regionalization in LCA: Current status in concepts, software and databases

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Thursday, 13 September 2018, ETH Zürich, Alumni (GEP) Pavillon

Regionalization in LCA has been a research topic over the last decade, but implementation in practice has still been limited. Since the last DF on regionalization in 2009, recent developments at all ends (underlying data availability, inventory, LCIA methods, software implementation) have made a lot of progress.
The topic has gained special importance due to the fact that the Life Cycle Initiative hosted by UN Environment recommends regionalized LCIA methods for water and land. The life cycle impact assessment methodologies LC-IMPACT and IMPACT World+ provide regional CFs. Furthermore, a growing number of regionalized LCI data is provided by LCI databases such as the World Food Database (WFLDB) and ecoinvent, even if coverage and the level of detail is still limited.

While regionalized assessment is an additional effort, it can be the low hanging fruit for improving LCA studies with limited efforts. This DF will include presentations on availability of and challenges with regionalized LCI data, LCIA, and their combination. Software suppliers will show how their tools are currently able to accommodate regionalized product systems with complex supply chains and what developments are ongoing. Finally, database providers will present their strategies how to implement regionalized life cycle inventories. The forum allocates ample time for discussing different approaches and identifying the most important needs to bridge scientific advances and practical implementation and to foster the implementation of harmonised solutions.

This forum is targeted to LCA practitioners, LCA software developers and LCA researchers.


Final Programme

Download:    DF69-Programme_Regionalization_in_LCA.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:45  Registration, coffee & croissants    
9:10  Welcome and introduction to the topic
Stephan Pfister  ETH Zürich 
  Challenges and opportunities of regionalized LCIA [Moderator: Stephan Pfister]   
09:25  Importance of regionalized LCIA in Swiss and international Environmental Policy
Josef Känzig  BAFU 
09:45  IMPACT World+ method and application showcase
Manuele Margni  CIRAIG 
10:05  LC Impact method and application showcase
Rosalie van Zelm  Radboud University 
10:25  Discussion    
10:45  Coffee break    
  How to use current information and tools for regionalized LCA [Moderator: Rolf Frischknecht]   
11:15  Regionalized assessment of environmental footprint of Swiss consumption from 1996 to 2015
Philippe Stolz  treeze 
11:35  Regionalizing inventories by combining unit process and MRIO information for enhanced LCI and LCIA
Adrian Haas  ETH Zürich 
11:55  Considering regionalised information by creating agricultural LCI
Jens Lansche  Agroscope 
12:15  Discussion    
12:30  Lunch    
  Regionalised LCA in background databases [Moderator: Stephan Pfister]   
13:30  Regionalized LCI: how to address this challenge in large background LCI databases
Gregor Wernet  ecoinvent 
13:50  How to implement regionalized LCI in Water database, WFLDB (food) and/or WALDB (apparel) Jürgen Reinhard  Quantis 
14:10  Discussion
  Software Solutions for regionalized LCA [Moderator: Rolf Frischknecht]   
14:30  Regionalized water-footprint (AWARE) of rice as modelled in LCA software: introduction to the case and task
Rolf Frischknecht  treeze 
14:40  Assessment in openLCA
Jonas Bunsen  GreenDelta 
14:55  Assessment in SimaPro
Marisa Vieira  PRé 
15:10  Coffee break    
15:40  Assessment in Brightway2
Chris Mutel  PSI 
15:55  Assessment in REGIS
Martin Kilga  Sinum 
16:10  Questions and answers related to regionalized LCI and LCIA in LCA software Panel discussion with software providers   
  Wrap-up, announcements and farewell    
16:40  Wrap up and announcements
Stephan Pfister  ETH Zürich 
16:45  Farewell    
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