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DF 70: 70th LCA Discussion Forum

DF 70 — Social LCA – Challenges and solutions in application and implementation

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Thursday, 22 November 2018, ETH Zürich, Alumni (GEP) Pavillon

Compared to environmental LCA, social life cycle assessment (S-LCA) is a young area with high potential for research and development. S-LCA has found its way into policy, industry and trade/ business thanks to new scientific findings and advances, e.g. regarding social life cycle inventories, impact assessment methods, assessment of positive impacts, databases etc.

The call for more socially acceptable products, documented with reliable information on their social impacts, is getting louder and is no more ignored by pioneering governments and industries. Especially in developing countries, the method is of high political interest. It is con-sidered as a possibility to combat social inequality, unfair working conditions etc., and to promote more sustainable patterns of production and consumption. In developed countries, the claim for sustainable and particularly socially fair production, e.g. in the food sector, requires the consideration of social impacts in addition to the traditional environmental based LCA. Pioneer companies and organisations have already implemented specific approaches for the social LCA of their products.

The forum will cover both theoretical and practical approaches, presenting methodological progress and disseminating S-LCA applications. To begin with, the state-of-the-art of S-LCA and current research foci and progress will be outlined. The application of the method will be showcased by practical case studies covering different economic sectors. Another session will expose concrete, individualized examples of the interpretation and implementation of S-LCA in business and policy. In this context, the challenges and obstacles actors along the value chains are facing are of special interest. The forum will offer ample time for discussions about the outlined and future steps.

This forum is targeted to LCA practitioners, LCA software developers and LCA researchers.


Final Programme

Download:    DF70-Programme_Social_LCA.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:45  Registration, coffee & croissants    
9:10  Welcome and introduction to the topic Andreas Ciroth  GreenDelta 
  Social LCA, the current state [Moderator: Andreas Ciroth]   
09:25  Scorelca project: investigation of status and needs for social LCA
Alessandra Zamagni  ecoinnovazione 
09:45  S-LCA in developing economies
Cassia Ugaya  University of Parana 
10:05  Relation of SDG to social LCA indicators
Bo Weidema  Aalborg University 
10:25  Discussion    
10:45  Coffee break    
  Frontiers [Moderator: Andreas Ciroth]   
11:15  Cultural heritage in social LCA
Franziska Eisfeldt  UL EHS Sustainability 
11:40  Weighting and Normalisation in social LCA
Mischa Zschokke  Carbotech 
12:05  Positive impacts
Silvia di Cesare  University Pescara 
12:30  Discussion    
12:45  Lunch    
  Short presentations [Moderator: Andreas Ciroth]   
13:45  Upcoming revised Social LCA Guidelines – a United Nations effort
Sonia Valdivia  World Resources Forum 
14:00  Social LCA of natural resource and material use: a global assessment
Stephan Pfister  ETHZ 
  Research examples & applications [Moderator: Andreas Ciroth]   
14:15  Sustainable mining: how to quantify social issues in the mining industry and metals supply chains
Claudia Di Noi  GreenDelta 
14:40  Leather case study: social hotspots and how to quantify them in a life cycle perspective
Sabrina Neugebauer  INaB RWTH Aachen University 
15:05  Discussion    
15:20  Coffee break    
  Application in policy and business [Moderator: Andreas Ciroth]   
15:50  Social assessment of raw materials sectors
Lucia Mancini  JRC 
16:20  Using social LCA databases for support of policy and business decisions: Where and how
Andreas Ciroth  GreenDelta 
16:50  Discussion    
  Wrap-up, announcements and farewell    
17:10  Wrap up and announcements Andreas Ciroth  GreenDelta 
17:15  Farewell    
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