DF 73 — Digital transformation: LCA of digital services, multifunctional devices and cloud computing

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DF 73: 73rd LCA Discussion Forum — Programme

DF 73 — Digital transformation: LCA of digital services, multifunctional devices and cloud computing

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Thursday, 21 November 2019, ZHAW Wädenswil, Campus Grüental, Aula

The increasing digitalisation does not only make our daily life easier but also causes changes in the environmental impact of our activities. The substitution of material-based services with digital services - for example films or music - alters the environmental impact of our everyday activities and shifts visible material use to less visible digital services.

A holistic life cycle assessment of digital transformation requires the assessment of information and communication technology (ICT) and takes into account possible substitution effects. Modelling of digital services and multifunctional devices are complex and the choice of assumptions for substitution has a crucial impact on the final assessment of digital transformation.

The discussion of these topics in the LCA-community allows the evaluation of different approaches to the assessment of digital transformation.

This forum will cover the life cycle assessment of digital transformation with its wide range of devices and technologies as well as substitution and summation effects caused by new services enabled by modern ICT.


Download:    DF73-Programme_Digital transformation.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:45  Registration, coffee & croissants    
9:00  Welcome and introduction to the day René Itten  Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW 
  Digital transformation and environment [Chair: Roland Hischier]  Empa 
9:15  Digital sobriety and its implications on the environmental impacts of cloud computing
Hugues Ferreboeuf  The Shift Project, Paris 
9:40  Ecological risks and opportunities of digitalisation
Lorenz Hilty  University of Zurich UZH 
10:05  Digital media consumption and its environmental impact
Regula Keller  Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW 
10:30  Discussion    
10:45  Coffee break    
  Resource use of digitalisation [Chair: René Itten]   
11:15  Supply chain analysis of the ICT's global impacts and the importance of materials
Livia Cabernard  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH 
11:40  Energy implications of the move from TV broadcast to streaming
Chris Preist  University of Bristol 
12:05  LCA of bioleaching in indium recovery from LCD-waste
Annemarie Falke  TU Bergakademie Freiberg 
12:30  Discussion    
12:45  Lunch    
  Short Presentations [Chair: Roland Hischier]   
13:45  Data centre as driver for industrial carbon reduction
Louise Mattsson  RISE SICS North 
13:55  Environmental assessment of cloud services in data centers – Methodological challenges
Ran Liu  Öko-Institut e.V. 
14:05  Global Energy Footprint of IoT Semiconductors
Sujit Das  Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
14:15  Supply chain transparency for coffee – what are the synergies between blockchain and LCA
René Itten  Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW 
14:25  Update of electronics in ecoinvent
Lucia Valsasina  ecoinvent 
14:35  The LIFESAVING project – exploring environmental implications of service life extension of mobile devices
Yann Blumer  Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW 
  Multifunctionality and rebound [Chair: René Itten]   
14:45  Indirect effects of digitalisation on the environment
Jan Bieser  University of Zurich UZH 
15:05  Learnings from Greenconcept – how to deal with mulitfunctionality and data availability
Etienne Lees-Perasso  Bureau Veritas LCIE 
15:25  Discussion    
15:35  Coffee break    
  Industry perspectives [Chair: Matthias Stucki]  ZHAW 
16:00  LCA methodology challenges and opportunities for ICT products
Anders Andrae  Huawei Technologies 
16:20  LCA of multifunctional devices, networks and digital services – an industry perspective
Jens Malmodin  Ericsson 
16:40  Discussion    
  Wrap-up, announcements and farewell    
16:50  Wrap up and announcements Matthias Stucki  Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW 
17:00  Farewell    
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