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DF 66: 66th LCA Discussion Forum

DF 66 — LCA of Mobility solutions: approaches and findings

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Wednesday, 30 August 2017, ETH Zürich, Alumni Pavilion

Passenger and freight transport are causing substantial environmental burdens contributing to global warming and other adverse impacts on human health and ecosystems due to emission of pollutants, noise, etc. Despite of the introduction of cleaner technologies, overall mobility related burdens continue to increase. However, the mobility sector might face substantial changes such as the shift from fossil fuels to electricity and electricity-based fuels or the introduction of autonomous vehicles with yet unknown environmental consequences.

This discussion forum will provide insights into state-of-the art assessment of mobility – from the individual technology to the system level and covering the environmental, social and economic dimensions. User-friendly tools for the comparative evaluation of mobility options in business and administration, such as mobitool v2.0, will be presented, including case studies from first applications. Furthermore, assessments of large-scale mobility solutions for entire regions will be shown, for the current situation as well as future scenarios, including major technology developments and changes.

This discussion forum is intended to foster the exchange between scientists and LCA practitioners.


Tentative Programme (as of 7 July 2017):

Download:    DF66_tentative_programme_v170707.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee & croissants    
9:00  Welcome and introduction Christian Bauer  PSI (CH) 
9:05  Future projections of mobility in Switzerland Nicole Mathys  ARE (CH) 
  Session 1 – Recent developments in mobility related LCI data [ Moderator: Andreas Frömelt ]  ETH (CH) 
9:25  New developments for LCI of air, rail and road transportation Rolf Frischkneht   treeze (CH) 
9:45  LCI of future mobility technologies Brian Cox  PSI (CH) 
10:05  Post-Diesel mobility with or without Diesel? Christian Bach   Empa (CH) 
10:25  Discussion All   
10:40  Coffee break    
  Session 2 – Challenges in mobility related environmental
impact assessment
[ Moderator: Stefanie Hellweg ]  ETH (CH) 
11:10  How to calculate the environmental impact of electric vehicles? Patricia van Loon   RISE Viktoria (Sweden) / INSEAD (France) 
11:30  Assessing the impacts of noise emissions of land-based mobility in Switzerland Samuel Schiess   ETH (CH) 
11:50  Climate change impacts of CO2 emissions into the stratosphere / upper troposphere Thomas Peter – to be confirmed  ETH (CH) 
12:10  Quantifying PM emissions and assessing health impacts Jing Wang   ETH/Empa (CH) 
12:30  Discussion    
12:45  Lunch    
  Short presentations [ Moderator: Rolf Frischknecht (treeze) ]   
13:45  Best practice for calculating the carbon footprint of airplane Niels Jungbluth  ESU-services Ltd. (CH) 
13:55  ... ...   
14:05  ... ...   
  Please submit your proposal to Andreas Frömelt, froemelt@ifu.baug.ethz.ch    
  Session 3 – LCA applications in practice [ Moderator: Rolf Frischknecht (treeze) ]   
14:15  LCA tools for decision making of SBB Salome Schori  SBB (CH) 
14:35  How to establish an LCA of a Renault passenger car? Stéphane Morel  Renault (France) 
14:55  Discussion All   
15:10  Coffee break    
  Session 4 – Mobility scenarios and environmental impacts [ Moderator: Christian Bauer (PSI) ]   
15:40  Air transportation and the environment Andreas Schafer  University College London (GB) 
16:00  The future autonomous transportation and influence on transport volume Philippe Crist – to be confirmed  International Transport Forum, OECD 
16:20  Future scenarios of land-based mobility including autonomous vehicles Sebastian Hörl & Andreas Frömelt  both: ETH (CH) 
16:40  Discussion All   
  Wrap-up and announcements    
17:00  Wrap-up and announcements Stefanie Hellweg   ETH (CH) 
17:15  Farewell    
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